Dan J. Puckett’s In the Shadow of Hitler explores and documents how Alabama Jews became aware of and responded to the coming of the Second World War and the Nazi persecution of European Jews.

Dan J. Puckett is a professor of history at Troy University.

“Puckett has written a wonderful examination of America’s Jews in Alabama and the Deep South, their conflict between orthodoxy and the more modern Reform Judaism, religious liberalism and cultural survival, and the realities of Jim Crow and Nazi mass murder. Every newspaper is examined, along with many organizations, archival documents, and synagogue newsletters-recorded in seventy-seven pages of detailed notes and bibliography. In the Shadow of Hitler is exhaustively researched, well written, and important.”
Journal of American History

“[A]… meticulously researched and carefully hewn study of Alabama Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.”
American Jewish History

“Puckett’s excellent chapter on Alabama newspapers’ coverage of the Holocaust, for example, is enlightening and informative well beyond its specifically Jewish relevance, as is his careful survey of expressions of anti-Semitism in the state. While Puckett’s primary focus throughout the book is on the Jewish community, his insights will be of great interest to anyone curious about the impact of global events on the American South.”
Journal of Southern History

“Puckett’s very detailed account is packed with fascinating anecdotes, revealing Alabama’s small Jewish community as a microcosm of the nation, reflecting both unity and factionalism side by side.”
The Jewish Sound

This well-written and scrupulously researched account chronicles the response of Alabama’s Jews to the rise of Hitler, World War II, and the Holocaust, and analyzes the impact of the Holocaust on Jewish life.”
Yearbook of German American Studies 

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