The University of Alabama Press is pleased to announce the release of our Fall 2016 catalog, which introduces twenty-eight upcoming new titles and thirteen books being published in new paperback editions. To view the catalog, simply click on the cover image below or visit, where you can peruse each of our six most recent catalogs.

On the cover of the Fall 2016 catalog is an image from Shot in Alabama. This is a sumptuously illustrated photographic history of the state from 1839 to 1941 describing the phenomenon of photography as a cultural force and examining the widest spectrum of vernacular photography: Alabama-made photographs of everyday people and places, the photographs that fill dresser drawers and shoe boxes, and the vast array of images against which Alabama’s more unusual images can be measured.

UA Press Fall 2016 Catalog Cover

Fall 2016 Catalog

Other highlights include Alabama: The Making of an American State, a sweeping and engaging presentation of Alabama’s rich history just in time for the state’s upcoming bicentennial celebrations. In a similar vein, Alabama Politics in the Twenty-First Century is an expansive and accessible primer on Alabama state politics, past and present, which provides readers with an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the twenty-second state’s distinctive political machinery.

We are also pleased to release three new titles in our Jews and Judaism: History and Culture series. A consummate story of change and adjustment, integration and melding, Edgar and Brigitte reconstructs the experience of German Jewish immigrants in early nineteenth-century America. Next, To Stand Aside or Stand Alone is a landmark collection of previously unpublished interviews with Reform rabbis concerning their roles in the civil rights movement. Candid and revealing, the interviews make evident a remarkable range of attitudes and actions—from fervent engagement and personal sacrifice to apathy and indifference—that have been hitherto undocumented. Finally, The Essential Hayim Greenberg is a landmark collection of essays by the founder of the Labor Zionist movement in America and a foremost writer, thinker, and activist in the fields of twentieth-century Jewish culture and politics.

If you’re in the market for a fascinating biography, look no further than Genius Belabored, the fascinating story of Ignaz Semmelweis, a nineteenth-century obstetrician ostracized for his strident advocacy of disinfection as a way to prevent childbed fever, a leading cause of mortality in new mothers at that time.

New this season, we introduce Calligraphy Typewriters, the first and only single-volume collection of Larry Eigner’s most significant poems, gathering in one place the most celebrated of the several thousand poems that constitute his remarkable life’s work. Also in the field of poetry, we launch The World as Presence/El mundo como ser, the debut of a gripping collection of poetry from Marcelo Morales, one of Cuba’s premier young poets. Rounding out our Cuban offerings, we present Campesinos: Inside the Soul of Cuba, a vivid and vibrant photographic testimony to the lives and spirits of the Cuban campesinos, the country people who dwell in Cuba’s rural landscapes.

Also, if your collection of famed southern author and folklorist Kathryn Tucker Windham’s books consists only of the seminal Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, now is the perfect time to add to your library with Jeffrey’s Latest Thirteen: More Alabama Ghosts, a deluxe, commemorative edition of additional ghostly stories from Windham’s home state of Alabama.

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