Whit Gibbons and Anne R. Gibbons’s Ecoviews Too: Ecology for All Seasons is based on the popular weekly column “Ecoviews,” published by numerous newspapers for more than thirty years. A follow-up to Ecoviews: Snakes, Snails and Environmental Tales, this lively and entertaining book provides a fascinating and thought-provoking look at the ecology of animals, plants, and their habitats, and promotes awareness of pressing environmental issues.

Because nature, in all its myriad and amazing manifestations, can be enjoyed all year round, this collection is conveniently divided into four sections paralleling the seasons and tracking the adaptations and responses of wildlife to the relentless changes that occur at any location over time. The ecological vignettes focus on seasonal happenings, particularly holidays and historic events that define a moment when the connection between society and our natural surroundings was fundamentally altered.

An intriguing and captivating publication, Ecoviews Too is comprised of fifty informative essays that address ecological topics such as camouflage and mimicry, hibernation and estivation, the human need to encounter scary animals, the mysteries of plant dormancy in winter, the comeback of the wild turkey coinciding with the decline of bobwhites, the chemistry behind the color change in fall leaves, and the top ten environmental problems facing the world today. Educating, entertaining, and delighting a general audience, especially those with an interest in nature, Ecoviews Too provides a useful resource for students and scientists alike.

Whit Gibbons is a professor emeritus of ecology at the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory in Aiken, South Carolina. He is the author of more than a dozen popular and scientific books on the reptiles and amphibians of the United States, including Their Blood Runs Cold (University of Alabama Press, 1983) and Poisonous Plants and Venomous Animals of Alabama and Adjoining States (University of Alabama Press, 1990). He is the coauthor of Ecoviews: Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales (University of Alabama Press, 1998).
Anne R. Gibbons was a freelance editor until her retirement in 2014. She has worked for Columbia University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, the University of New Mexico Press, and the University of Alabama Press, among others. She is the coauthor of Ecoviews: Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales (University of Alabama Press, 1998).

Ecoviews Too is an excellent collection of essays on ecology, natural history, and conservation, but with an abundance of philosophy and humor.”
—Robert W. Hastings, author of The Lakes of Pontchartrain: Their History and Environments

224 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8173-5875-4 Paper
ISBN: 978-0-8173-9083-9 Ebook