In Modernism the Morning After, Bob Perelman scrutinizes a number of longheld modernist dogmas in order to articulate a more capacious model for thinking about modernism—past, present, and future.

Throughout his career, Perelman has focused on the persistence of modernist ambition in poetry, with all of its admirable articulations and tragicomic short-circuits. Poetry, it turns out, is not simply “news that stays news,” as Ezra Pound postulated. Instead, as Perelman demonstrates, poetry often gropes toward whatever news can be found in the broader contexts of public speech-the cultural commons, the almost-real or much-too-real language of people and our hyperactive media.

Bob Perelman
is a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. He has published more than fifteen volumes of poetry, most recently The Future of Memory and Ten to One: Selected Poems. Among his critical books are The Marginalization of Poetry: Language Writing and Literary History and The Trouble with Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky.

“Modernism the Morning After is consistently illuminating and, in many cases, Perelman’s witty expositions take us stunningly close to the grain of the text concerned.”
—Peter Nicholls, author of George Oppen and the Fate of Modernism and Ezra Pound: Politics, Economics, and Writing-A Study of the Cantos

“Perelman’s Modernism the Morning After is a superb, lively, engaging series of essays. His wonderful mixture of unpredictable insights, humor, and superb research make for a great read!”
—Hank Lazer, author of The New Spirit, Poems Hidden in Plain View and Lyric & Spirit and editor of What Is a Poet?

Modern and Contemporary Poetics
Charles Bernstein and Hank Lazer, series editors

286 pages / 2 B&W figures
ISBN: 978-0-8173-5889-1 Paper
ISBN: 978-0-8173-9109-6 Ebook